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I also teach Creative Writing courses. My next creative writing course will run every Thursday for six weeks at Moon Lane Ink Book Shop, in Forest Hill, from 16th April to 21st May 2020. Please see here for more details and to book.


I can offer you candid and constructive guidance at a competitive price to help get your book in the very best shape.


Since setting up as an editorial consultant in the summer of 2013, my clients have included the major UK publishers, independent publishers, European publishers, literary agents and scouts. I have also edited a collection of essays: I Call Myself a Feminist (Virago, 2015).

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About Me


My name is Victoria Pepe and I’ve worked in trade publishing since 2007. I’ve lived in London all my life – first north of the river and now south – and when I’m not reading or editing, I love to cook, swim and garden.

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