Editorial Services


Each commission will begin with a phone/Skype call to discuss what you feel your manuscript or proposal would benefit from. My work will then be tailored to your specific needs. This can include some or all of the following:

* A reader’s report, identifying troublesome areas and offering ideas on how to move past them

* A structural edit. For fiction this might focus in detail on plot, pacing and character development. while for non-fiction this will include helping you find a logical and coherent narrative within the frame of the book

* A line-edit of the full MS, accompanied by a report

* For non-fiction, I can also help you shape a proposal: writing a synopsis of your book, thinking about who the readership is, and why your book is different to others on the market.

I can also help you with writer’s block, offering a read-through followed by a phone/Skype call or face-to-face meeting to discuss ideas and suggest advice. This is followed up by notes on the meeting, including a tailored reading list which will hopefully inspire your creativity!

I write copy, finding the most winning angle to sell the your book to the reader. I can help you identify the best way to pitch to agents, with tips on making your manuscript the most commercially appealing prospect possible.

Please get in touch via the Contact form to discuss fees.

Publishers and Agents

I am available for a range of editorial services, including one-off reader reports, pre-submission and pre-publication edits, as well as larger editorial projects. Please get in touch via the Contact form to discuss further.

Creative Writing  

My creative writing courses have three aims: to open the door to your creativity; to build your confidence; and to have fun! I run creative writing workshops in London which broadly focus on the following areas: Creativity, Plotting, Structure, Characters and Dialogue.

If the workshops aren’t convenient, I can also tutor you on a one-to-one basis, either via Skype or at a location convenient to you. Please contact me here for more details.

My next creative writing course will run for six weeks at Moon Lane Ink Book Shop, in Forest Hill. Please see here for more details and to book.